Autumn End Trends

21st Apr 2021

With Autumn coming to an end and Winter about to begin. Why not warm up your space with some of the most stunning Autumn coloured wallpapers at a special price of R299/m2. There are many images to cho

Office Space Revamp

1st Jun 2017

An Office Space should be attractive, catchy and make employees feel flexible and easy. This way they will be stimulated to increase their productivity without even realizing it. “Creativity doesn’t w

Black & White Interiors

1st Jun 2017

A black and white palette is timeless and classic, with endless possibilities from subdued to statement-making. Whether you’re colour-phobic or colour obsessed, you’re guaranteed to fall for thes

Trendy & Texture Rich

1st Jun 2017

We like to get ahead of the curb. Become a Trendsetter with Smart Art’s Custom Printed Designs of Dried Pampas Plumes. The seriously Instagrammable Pampas Grass Trend has inspired us to

Panelled Wallpaper

1st Jun 2017

If you can’t stand the mess of cutting accurate plywood panels, then you need wood panel wallpaper! Panel Wallpaper – That’s Just Like The Real Thing! The dark and moody shade of forest-green makes a

Elevate Your

1st Jun 2017

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Make Your House

21st Mar 2017

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Feel the Pleasure

21st Mar 2017

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Blow Out Sale

21st Mar 2017

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Maybe Best Sofa

21st Mar 2017

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