Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Art accepts both hard copy photographs as well as digital images. You can email your digital image to us, ensuring that you keep the image at its highest resolution and not compressed. You can also mail hard copy images to us to: P O BOX 12241, Mill Street, Cape Town, 8010. All hard copy images received will be returned.Note: Smart Art takes no responsibility for lost or damaged photographs and recommends that if the item is sentimental to have a copy made and that items sent to us be in a hard backed envelope so as to avoid bending and buckling.
We check to see if the photo’s quality is appropriate for the design/product you have selected. If the photo’s quality is good, we will process your order. If we foresee a problem, you will be contacted via telephone or email to discuss alternative options.
Once we approve your photo, we will start working on your design and will invoice you accordingly. On receipt of payment your order will be dispatched. Orders normally take between 10 – 21 working days from the time we receive your photo. Note however that holiday orders and requests for design changes are subject to extended delivery times. We can process rush orders at an additional charge.
Go to how to order for full instructions on the ordering process and to download the order form. If you have any problems downloading your order form, please contact us and we will send it to you by mail, fax or email.
You may either pay via Cheque or Electronic Transfer, which ever is more convenient for you. Cheques to please be made out to Smart Art. Electronic payments to be made to: Smart Art FNB Gardens Branch code: 201709 Account number: 62095530492 Please be sure to send us a remittance advice for proof of payment.
Please see details on the product specific page to see if additional costs will be enforced.
We can ship your final product to any destination. However, if you require shipping somewhere else in the world, please contact us for a quote.
The old rule applies, the better the picture the better the end result! And the bigger the image is the better the quality. To this end we recommend:
  • Good lightning, when the light comes from the back of the photographer and it’s facing the subject. Also, try to avoid dark shadows in the face of the subject.
  • Good contrast and brightness. Make sure the photo is not under exposed (too dark) or over exposed (too bright or too white).
  • In order to make the best portrait out of your photo/s, we highly recommend that you send us a good quality picture, where the face of the person will be clear.

Remember Smart Art offers a photo manipulation service, letting you to change the photograph into a stylised image. See image modification for details.

Go to the image gallery and select one of our limited edition photographs to make the item you want. Photographs are competitively priced and suitable for use across our whole product range.
Yes any type of image works. We can even change your colour picture into black and white or sepia. And remember – you need not be limited to photographs.
Yes, we can crop the photo to work only on the person, pet or object you desire to have on the portrait. Just make sure that there are no obstructions in front or touching the subject.
We are more than happy to accommodate any bespoke request, and suggest that you contact us or call 021 422 2706 to discuss your particular requirement.
It’s very easy. Fill in your order form and select the shipping address for that special someone that will receive the order. Now, this time you don’t have any excuses to come up with an original gift! And remember, you can always send a gift voucher.
We are very concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of your information. All the transactions done are done under a secure server. All the information gathered will be used solely to process your orders, and to notify you in the future of any special offers that we have available. Smart Art guarantees not to share any information provided to us in the registration process to any third party company. If you wish to be deleted from our database, please contact us.
  1.  Smart Art accepts all forms of images (cd, hard copy image, slide, photograph, artwork, etc). Please ensure that you mail these to us together with your order form. See order form for details.
  2. Your image can either be Portrait or Landscape depending on the product you choose. Please ensure that you indicate on the order form which colour you prefer your final image to be. We can output your colour print to Black and White or Sepia, or your Black & White to Sepia Antique Print. If you have a digital image you can email it to us at together with your order form.
  3. To avoid your picture buckling and creasing, please send images in a hard-backed or a bubble wrap envelope.
  4. Smart Art returns all original prints, but for your safety we recommend that you make a copy of your photograph if it has any sentimental value, as we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage.
  5. Optimal size of image to provide is: 700 dpi or A4 in size. If you have any queries about your selection, please contact us.
  6. Most Smart Art products require cropping, as such please bear in mind the shape of your product when choosing the image.
  7. On canvasses, remember that the image is wrapped around a 40mm box frame, so please be sure to avoid any key subject on the edge of the picture.
  8. Smart Art will contact you if we foresee any problems, and our trained consultants will guide you in the right direction.
  9. FREE retouching service: This includes red eye reduction, date stamp removal, dust /scratches reduction, and blemish removal.
  10. If additional work is required one of our consultants will contact you to discuss requirements.
  11. Please note that delivery will be within 21 days working days upon receipt of the completed order form, payment and image.
  12. Prices include Vat and delivery within South Africa.
  13. We understand that you have permission to use the photo or image you are sending to us. Smart Art will not be liable for claims against copy writing.
  14. All Smart Art products are made to the finest quality specifications and we strive to deliver only the very best of quality. However, if you are unhappy about any of our product, please notify Smart Art within 3 working days of receiving your goods. You can contact us via email or on 021
  15. Please send your image and order form to: Smart Art, P.O. Box 12241, Mill Street, Cape Town, 8010. We will return your photo and finished product to you within 10 – 20 days.
  16. Please bear in mind that we cannot change the quality of your photo. Remember, the better the photo you send, the better the results.
Do you have a question that is not answered here?
Please contact us and one of the Smart Art team will get back to you with an answer.