Printing Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  1. Unless arranged otherwise or have an existing account with us, all orders require a 100% payment prior to work commencing. Any monies/deposits received by SMART ART from any customer, will deem the customer accepts all the T&C’s mentioned herein.
  2. We believe we offer the best value for money and service in the digital printing industry, if you find a better price elsewhere; send the original quote to us and we will match it!
  3. Dispatch/collection only – 100% payment required prior to print and delivery/collection (unless you are a Smart Art account holder, in which case 90% deposit is payable, with balance due prior to dispatch/collection).
  4. The above prices are valid for a period of 7 days only.
  5. Artwork charges for changes to images may apply to your order if the artwork supplied is not correctly sized or requires major alterations. These are charged at R350.00 per hour.
  6. Supplied artwork must be in CMYK format (ALL RGB AND SPOT COLOURS MUST BE CONVERTED TO CMYK). Smart Art will not be held responsible for any errors or colour variation where artwork is supplied and no sample print is requested. Sample charges vary, please query with your consultant.
  7. Quoted prices are based on material prices as at the date on your quote.
  8. We reserve the right to amend prices subject to unforeseen material price increases, at which time you will be notified prior to the commencement of any work.
  9. Additional charges for author’s corrections and any overtime that may be necessary to meet the required delivery date. In addition, it is subject to the Standard Conditions and Recognized Customs of the Printing Industry (a copy of which is available on request) and such conditions shall be deemed to be embodied in any contract arising out of this estimate.
  10. Work will only commence once Quote and Terms and Conditions have been accepted.
  11. No sealer or glue, or installation is included in this price. UNLESS we quoted on installation.
  12. Please note VAT is included in the quote, UNLESS specified.
  13. If you are ordering a product that needs to be installed, please see T&C below.
  14. If you do not sign but accept the quote, we will assume you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  15. Please note that cancellations will be subject to 15% surcharge fee.
  16. Outstanding balances on accounts must be paid within 30 days; otherwise Legal costs/Penalties will be added onto your account.
  17. 20% interest per annum will be added to your outstanding balance if payment is not made within 30 days of your payment due date.
  18. PLEASE NOTE, we add bleed at the bottom and top and sides of your wallpaper dimensions, to ensure it fits your space perfectly. If this is not required, do let us know.

General T’s & C’s

  1. Unless arranged otherwise or have an existing account with us, all orders require a 100% payment prior to work commencing. Any monies/deposits received by SMART ART from any customer, will deem the customer accepts all the T&C’s mentioned herein.
  2. All Smart Art wallpaper is printed in panels, which MUST BE OVERLAPPED when joined together for installation. If you would rather have wallpaper with a butt join, this must be clearly indicated BEFORE you confirm your order.
  3. Should a booked installation date be altered by the customer, or an installation be interrupted by the customer or another contractor on site for any reason whatsoever, a 15% surcharge will be applicable.
  4. All verbal quotes done by SMART ART are based on plain, uninterrupted surfaces/areas & the number of rolls/m2/measurements supplied by the respective client, which will be verified by SMART ART on completion of any installation & charged for accordingly.
  5. Any excess prep work, cutting, lining paper, pattern matching, overtime etc. will incur surcharges. Installing lining paper does not necessarily guarantee a perfect surface and in such cases, a test area must be done prior to full installation of material taking place. Should the lining paper be insufficient to rectify an uneven surface, skimming the plaster may become necessary and will be charged for. All areas should be free of furniture or any other obstructing items prior to an installation taking place. All fittings on walls/surfaces must be removed prior to any installation, or paper will be cut to fit around such fittings and charged for accordingly and/or additional charges will apply should our staff have to remove/refit such fittings.
  6. Any abnormally high or complicated areas (i.e. excessive cut –outs, joins, and difficult areas) are to be advised to SMART ART prior to an installation & will be applicable to surcharges. An amount of no more than 5% of any quote/invoice may be retained for snags, regardless of whether material is supplied by SMART ART or not.
  7. All goods remain the property of SMART ART CC until paid for in full. Ownership of items shall only pass on receipt of payment. Imported goods and certain local products ordered require a 90-100% deposit; with the balance being due before installation will take place.
  8. Surfaces where installation is to take place must be of sound nature (i.e. smooth surfaces – no rough surfaces; cracks; water damage; heat stress; structural damage/stress; uneven or poor surfaces etc.) prior to an installation commencing. It is the onus of the customer to ensure ALL surfaces are suitable for installation and report or repair any suspected defective surfaces or defects prior to installation. If the customer is unsure if surfaces are suitable, kindly contact us to request a staff member to inspect.

    Highly absorbent surfaces (dry-walling/ raw plaster / rhyolite, etc.) must be treated with a superior quality, alkali-free plaster primer prior to installation, where possible, a standard inspection of all proposed surfaces will be undertaken by a representative of SMART ART and if deemed suitably unfit to install product, the customer will be notified accordingly and such defects are to be repaired prior to work commencing. Any suggested repairs to surfaces will be for the customer’s account and a further inspection will take place, subject to a surcharge. Excessive prepping / filling of uneven surfaces will be charged for according to the amount of preparation necessary. SMART ART accepts no liability whatsoever where material has been installed by instruction of the customer on any defective or uneven surface.

    We suggest that wallpaper surface to be painted with an oil based enamel as this is the only paint that does not absorb all of the wallpaper paste. Generally, all Rhinolite boards or raw plaster has to have a primer or under coat and at least one layer of paint just to guarantee the product will stay on.
  1. Similarly, once installation has been completed, our guarantee is limited to the installation only. Defective material and/or material/product guarantees will be referred to the particular supplier as set out in their respective terms, and will be handled by the customer. Any defective material or workmanship must be reported immediately, in writing, to our company within 7 days of installation – no claims will be entertained after this period. An inspection will be carried out by a representative of SMART ART to ascertain the nature of the defect & advise the client accordingly. We accept no liability where cracks; water damage; heat stress; structural damage/stress; uneven and poor surfaces etc. are the cause of such defects.
  2. Whilst every precaution will be taken to maintain the prevailing condition of the existing premises, materials supplied to or by us, and/or the proposed working environment, we do not accept any liability whatsoever for any damages caused on site (materials included) and SMART ART will not be held liable whatsoever for any replacement material used during the contract period. This also includes water or electrical damage, crumbling concrete/plaster/paint and/or other structural collapse, whether caused directly or indirectly by our staff/suppliers/contractors/sub-contractors, during the course of the duration of the work quoted for.
  3. We further accept no liability for any injury sustained to any person outside of our company, who enters the area of the building refurbishment during the course of the work being undertaken. Any unauthorized person entering the area of the building refurbishment does so entirely at their own risk.
  4. We cannot be held liable for delays caused on or off site by our suppliers/contractors/sub-contractors, which may cause delivery/service delays, and as such is out of our control, may possibly result in the subsequent delayed completion of the work quoted for.
  5. Vinyl Graphic Stickers – please note that due to the varying paint types and wall surfaces, we cannot guarantee that our vinyl stickers will adhere to all wall surfaces.

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