Appliance Vinyl Stickers


New Appliance Vinyl Stickers to change up you living space!

Our new range of appliance vinyl stickers allow you to bring a new look and feel to your space. Being nature, forest, beaches or find something that will make you smile everyday.

Appliance Vinyl Stickers are an easy way to keep your appliances scratch free. 

They are easy to apply, as easy as clean, peel and stick!

If you want to choose your own image instead of the ones provided, or an image that is in our free image gallery feel free to Get A Quote with us with the button below.

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Orders take 10 – 14 working days as each printed product gets custom made. 


More about our appliance vinyl stickers 

  • Appliance Vinyl Stickers;
  • Decorate your living space with an appliance vinyl sticker image to liven up your space;
  • Appliance Vinyl Stickers are custom made for each appliance;
  • Various sizes available;
  • Proudly made in South Africa.
  • You can also watch the step by step video on how to install vinyl.  

As price fluctuates on m2 requirements, we ask that you please you REQUEST A QUOTE

If you don’t have a suitable picture to use, then be sure to visit our gallery, for a large range of images that may be purchased.

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Additional information

Design Options

Whimsical Butterfly Horse, Whimsical Flower Vase, Whimsical Lady, Whimsical Statue, Whimsical Vintage Fish, Whimsical Vintage Garden, Spanish, Blue Wash, Blue And White Mandala, Grey Moroccan, Modern Bauhaus, Black Geometric, Orange Geometric, Paul Klee, Almond Blossoms, Milk Maid, Piet Mondrian, Sunflowers, The Kiss, Orange Florals, Blue Moroccan


Dishwasher, Single Door Fridge, Double Door Fridge, Oven, Washing Machine

How To Install

Self-adhesive Vinyl installation steps:

1. Lay out the wall mural panels – verify the position of each panel before installing.
2. Trace the guide lines of tracing the panel- the wall must be firm, smooth, clean, dry and free from grease.
3. Carefully remove the back paper- stop after reaching 30cm or 40cm from the top side of the panel.
4. The top part must be carefully stuck to the wall- closely following the previously traced guidelines.
5. Stick the wall mural from the inside to the outside – while at the same time removing the paper from the back of the mural.
6. Every air bubble must be removed- creating creases in the panel, should be avoided.
7. Placement of the next pane -use the first panel as a point of reference.
8. The panel will overlap by about 1.5cm
9. Care must be taken- to correctly measure the amount by which the panels overlap.
10. To cut the excess panel- use a cutter guided by a ruler resting on the skirting board.
11. If you wish to remove the overlapping sector- use a cutter and a ruler to cut through the middle of the overlapping sector.
12. After making the cut- Remove the two strips, this way the two panels will be perfectly joined- the joint will not be visible.

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