Smart Art Bespoke Custom Printed Luxurious Fabrics & Textiles On A Roll.

Smart Art Bespoke Printed Fashion Fabrics & Textiles Custom Print Designer Textiles.

Custom fabric printing on a roll is a fastest innovation in textile printing. Whether you’re a designer, crafter, or an artist, the uses for custom printed fabric are endless. Rise Textile offers Custom fabric printing  on various fabrics like silk, cotton, polyester ground, linen and many more.

Pick your choice out of thousands to get custom garment for your outfits. We use top quality colors & designs that make us stand apart from our competitors. From stretchy to sturdy, shiny or super-soft, we offer best custom fabric printing service in South Africa.


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Our Deluxe Outdoor Fabric Collection boasts excellent UV-resistant and water-resistant qualities. Constructed from polypropylene, which is renowned for being both stain and mildew resistant, this heavy weight fabric is the ultimate outdoor fabric.

Constructed to withstand all weather conditions, these fabrics are also extremely abrasion resistant and are designed to be hard-wearing for years to come.

Designs, that were un-achievable yesterday, are accessible nowadays with numerous shades and styles. Digital print kaftan satisfies specific to fashion design ideas, thus obtaining the hands on bespoke custom printed scarves is simple.

The art of custom printing scarves has inspired both technique and the textile printing. Custom printed scarves has re-aligned classic textile techniques with creativity, and technical development.

With this designer digital printing fashion, designers can get into creating trends rather than chasing it. At Smart Art Printed Textile, we design for the majority of artistic fashion lover! Designers, brands, students. We print for mid-to-high end retail store fashion or personal fashion outfits, sports and industrial uniforms, evening wear, and costume markets. 

With our stunning materials from our wide range, it is possible to get the proper feel and look you might need. We print onto a large variety of polyester-based fashion fabrics, like chiffon, satin, stretch, knits etc. Our digital printing in fashion is customisation – from the colour and prints to the size and shape of fabrics.



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