Become a Smart Art Reseller

Smart Art is opening its doors to you; we are giving you unlimited access to our printers and of course, unbeatable quality & prices to our resellers.  Here is our VIP Resellers Price List. Here is our Trade Price List and our Printed Product Range. Please read through the pricing schedule as well as the T&C’s in detail. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To get started, please complete, and return our application to register your company  details on our system. You’re welcome to add your own mark-up with the suggested RSP is 20-40% mark up on our prices .

Let us get started …

Now that you have joined the Smart Art Team, here are a few exciting goodies you can expect to receive: 

  • Possible Credit Account after 3 months of seamless orders.
  • Customised Banners to use on your Social Media Platforms (on request);
  • Website Banners of the latest trending Interiors and Promotional Items (on request);
  • We are able to send you high res mock ups and images for you to promote to your clients;
  • We will keep you updated with what is Trending and up & coming;
  • Our Factory is your factory! Bring your clients along and show them around. They will be Wowed!

Of course, there are always extra tips and idea’s we will keep sharing with you.

  • Need help sending out your first introduction/promotion/product launch to your clients? Sign up with a great Mailing Campaign Programmes – Free up to 2000 contacts.

We are extremely excited as well as humbled to have you on board.


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