Smart Art 3D Boards


3D Board wall panels are considered an eco-friendly & recycled product. Plant fibre is the raw material used in production of this innovative wall decor.



  • Plant fibres are one of the world’s most renewable sources because they are often harvested several times a year. The total harvest worldwide runs into billions of metric tons annually;
  • 3D Board wall panels are produced from plant fibres that are compostable and therefore biodegradable. The production process and use of raw materials make 3D Board wall panels a real eco-friendly product;
  • Our unique 3D Boards provides an eco-friendly alternative to standard wall cladding;
  • At a time when the environmental impact of a product is as much a focus as design, this distinctive green product is setting a new trend in wall furnishings and taking interior design to a new level;
  • Constructed primarily from plant fibres and using environmentally friendly technology, Smart Art’s 3D BOARDS are dedicated to ensuring that our exceptional product enhances your home with minimal environmental impact.

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